MIDORI | Hindemith recording wins 2014 GRAMMY Award
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Hindemith recording wins 2014 GRAMMY Award

January 2014

Midori’s recording of the Hindemith Violin Concerto is one of the three performances on the NDR Symphony Orchestra’s Grammy-winning Hindemith CD conducted by Christoph Eschenbach and released on the Ondine label.

Hindemith Cover

Following the announcement at the Grammy Awards ceremony in Los Angeles on January 26, 2014, Midori said, “I am delighted that Christoph Eschenbach and the NDR Symphony Orchestra invited me to play Hindemith’s Violin Concerto as part of their CD tribute to Paul Hindemith, and am very happy that tonight this recording won the Grammy for Best Classical Compendium. Hindemith is one of the musicians I respect and admire the most. I hope our recording brings more awareness and appreciation of this great artist.”