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Midori & Friends provides high-quality music education programs to NYC students in Grades PreK-12 who have little or no access to the arts. We lead these programs in schools, community organizations, and hospitals across the boroughs of our city.


With music, we spark young people’s creativity, ignite their imagination, boost their excitement about school, and nurture them as listeners and critical thinkers.


Our organization is known for two flagship programs that are offered both during and after school: 12 Notes, year-long sequential instruction in instrumental and vocal music provided by professional musicians of high caliber; and the Signature Concert & Workshop Series,  performances by acclaimed ensembles in a wide range of genres, integrated with classroom workshops that culminate in student showcases. Both programs make it possible for young people to experience great music first-hand.


One of the hallmarks of Midori & Friends is our roster of collaborative, long-term school partnerships. Working closely with our partner principals and teachers, we create customized music programs that align with school-wide goals for arts learning and build pride throughout the school community. This cooperative style of program design distinguishes our organization and encourages schools and community organizations to work with us for multiple seasons—typically for 8 to 15 years. We currently partner with 40 schools and since our founding have enriched the education of over 200,000 NYC students.


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Founded by violinist Midori in 2003, Partners in Performance is a nonprofit organization which co-presents chamber music concerts with the goal of stimulating interest in classical music, specifically in smaller communities outside the radius and without the financial resources of major urban centers.


Since its incorporation, Partners in Performance has sponsored 20+ concerts in states from Maine to Washington, with marked impact in the communities. Recitals by violinist Midori, pianist Jonathan Biss, and PiP’s Young Artist program have served to elevate local interest in chamber music, while attracting new audiences and new donors.



MUSIC SHARING began life as the Tokyo branch-office of Midori and Friends, founded by Midori in New York in 1992. In 2002, MUSIC SHARING was certified by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and recognized as an independent, non-profit organization in Japan. In addition to continuing the programs of Midori and Friends Tokyo Office, MUSIC SHARING is geared towards meeting the specific challenges and needs of Japanese children with their unique educational system. MUSIC SHARING’s mission is to make both classical and traditional Japanese music of the highest artistic standard available to children.


Through its educational programs, MUSIC SHARING pledges to become the leader in the field of classical and traditional Japanese music education in schools, encouraging both the availability of live performances and active participation by the children.


MUSIC SHARING presents free educational music programs to children and young people throughout the country in the strong belief that the firsthand experience of music of the highest caliber gives children an enhanced sense of aesthetics and culture, awareness of their own creative powers and of their environment. Since its inception, MUSIC SHARING has offered programs including the Visiting Program (Visiting Concert, Orchestra Visit Program), Instrumental Instruction for the Disabled Program and International Community Engagement Program (ICEP) with Midori and other professional musicians as participating artists.


MUSIC SHARING operates solely on the basis of charitable contributions from individuals, foundations, and corporations.


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A musical community engagement activity connects musicians with their community-at-large to enhance awareness, knowledge and impact of the arts in our world. Musical community engagement activities can include in-school programs, pre- or post-concert workshops, themed concerts where audience members are active participants, and any number of variations on a theme of partnership through music aimed at the mutual empowerment of participants of all ages and backgrounds, including the musicians themselves.


Visit the ICEP website

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Designed by Midori as a means of supporting the American youth orchestra, the Orchestra Residencies Program is a collaborative project which provides meaningful musical experiences now for the next generation of classical musicians. The program aspires to help establish the youth orchestra as a presence in the community, as well as to build upon relationships with the local professional symphony, visiting artists and administrative staff.


Over a period of five to seven days, Midori will participate in a wide range of activities tailored to optimize the involvement of the youth orchestra. Through masterclasses, performance workshops, and meals with Q&A sessions, a substantial portion of the residency is devoted to the youth orchestra and its members. Additional activities may include arts advocacy visits to local legislators, discussion groups with staff from both orchestras, and performances with the associated adult orchestra.


Any U.S. youth orchestra and its affiliated adult orchestra, with combined budgets not exceeding $4.5 million, may submit an application for an Orchestra Residency with Midori. The orchestras must apply together, and signatures of directors of both organizations are required. Past residency recipients may apply again after five years. The applications are reviewed by an objective committee, and two residencies will be awarded each year.


Visit the Orchestra Residencies Program website